What is 100% TERRA?

  • For fast results and a big yield
  • High quality mineral based nutrients
  • Nutrients work quickly
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100% TERRA for fast results

Are you a first time grower and do you want an easy start? Then our Starter guide 100% TERRA is exactly what you need! This is a step by step guide to an easy first cultivation.

As a special offer, you also get two free bottles of Terra mineral basic nutrients from our 100% TERRA grow style. They are made from the highest quality mineral sources. This leads to big yields at the end of your cultivation. Terra Grow and Bloom are perfect for the grower who wants fast results!

We’re now offering this Starter guide pack, which includes the growing guide, high-quality mineral growth and flowering nutrients and the measuring cup, pen and plant tags. And it’s free. We only ask a contribution to the shipping and administration costs of € 8,95. Try it now and get started with your first cultivation.

A bottle of Terra Grow 250ml and Terra Bloom 500ml are put on soil with green plants at the background.

What’s in the Starter guide 100% TERRA pack?

Our Starter guide pack contains a step-by-step guide book and all the basic nutrients that you need to run your first cultivation. Here’s a run down of the pack:

  • 250 ml Terra Grow
  • 500 ml Terra Bloom
  • Step-by-step grow guide
  • 5 plant tags and pen to keep notes
  • Measuring cup
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A starter guide 100% TERRA with two bottles of basic nutrients: Terra Grow 250ml and Terra Bloom 500ml
Frequently asked questions

The big advantage of mineral nutrients is that your plants can use them right away. There’s no delay between watering and uptake by the plant. Do you think your plant needs a little more nutrients? Water them and you will see results immediately. Terra Grow and Bloom are nutrients for growers who want to have more direct control and fast results.

If you’re using our Terra nutrients, you will have to monitor the EC and pH values of your nutrient water. Plant roots function best within a certain pH range, so it pays off to keep your nutrient solution within that range. An EC that gets to high can damage the roots, because the solution will be too strong. A serious mistake is unlikely though. Everything is explained in our Starter guide.

Our Lightmix and Growmix are specifically designed to work with the Terra Grow and Terra Bloom basic nutrients in the Starter guide 100% TERRA pack.