Get started with your first cultivation!

Thank you for your interest in our Starter guide. This is a step-by-step guide and the ideal way to get started with your first cultivation!

As a special offer you get two free bottles of base nutrients if you order the Starter guide. The pack includes nutrients for the growth and flowering of a plant. We’ve also included a couple of handy extras in the pack: a measuring cup, a pen for taking notes and 5 plant tags.
The pack itself is free! We only ask €8,95 for the shipping and handling costs.

Our Starter guide pack is available in an organic (100% NATURAL) and a mineral (100% TERRA) edition. But which one is the pack for you? We’ll explain the differences.

Starter guide 100% TERRA

A starter guide 100% TERRA with two bottles of basic nutrients: Terra Grow 250ml and Terra Bloom 500ml
  • For fast results
  • Focus on big yields
  • Nutrients for quick effects

Starter guide 100% NATURAL

A starter guide 100% NATURAL with two bottles of basic nutrients: Alga Grow 250ml and Alga Bloom 500ml
  • For organic cultivation
  • Focus on better taste and smell
  • Algae based nutrients for healthy plants


Video organic vs mineral

Now you know the advantages of each edition. But what’s the difference between organic and mineral nutrients? Check out this video for an explanation. It will help you to make a decision between our Starter guide 100% NATURAL or 100% TERRA packs.

Frequently asked questions

Our Starter guide packs 100% NATURAL and 100% TERRA both include easy to use nutrients. These are excellently suited for starting growers. The simplest to use are the Alga Grow and Alga Bloom in our 100% NATURAL style. Thanks to microbiological soil life and algae-based nutrients you don’t need to monitor EC or pH. If you choose 100% TERRA’s mineral Terra Grow and Terra Bloom, you do need to monitor these. That makes this style a little more challenging, but you will get faster results and bigger yields.

Organic nutrients are made from organic ingredients. This means they are friendly for plants, people and animals. Organic nutrients need to be broken down by bacteria and other soil life before the plant can take them up with its roots.

Our mineral nutrients are based on minerals from high quality sources. The big advantage is that they can be taken up by the plant immediately after watering. No digestion by soil life or enzymes necessary! That’s why we say 100% TERRA is best if you want fast results. Your plant will grow quickly and develop a great yield for the harvest.

Yes. You pay us nothing for the pack itself. We only ask a shipping fee of € 8,95. We’re sure you’ll be as enthousiastic about our nutrients as we are, once you’ve tried them.