What is 100% NATURAL?

  • Fully organic nutrients
  • Focus on the best taste and smell
  • Algae based nutrients for healthy plants
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100% NATURAL for the best smell and taste

Are you a starting grower and do you want your cultivation to be fully organic? Then our Starter guide 100% NATURAL is exactly what you’re looking for! This is a step by step guide to your first organic cultivation.

As a special offer, you also get two free bottles of fully organic Alga basic nutrients from our 100% NATURAL grow style. They are made with algae extracts and other natural ingredients for healthy plants. That makes them suitable for fully organic cultivation. 

We’re now offering this Starter guide pack, which includes the growing guide, fully organic growth and flowering nutrients and the measuring cup, pen and plant tags. And it’s free. We only ask a contribution to the shipping and administration costs of € 8,95. Try it now and get started with your first organic cultivation.

A bottle of Alga Grow 250ml and Alga Bloom 500ml are put on soil with green plants at the background

What’s in the Starter guide 100% NATURAL pack?

Our Starter guide pack contains a step-by-step guide book and all the basic nutrients that you need to run your first cultivation. Here’s a run down of the pack:

  • 250 ml Alga Grow
  • 500 ml Alga Bloom
  • Step-by-step grow guide
  • 5 plant tags and pen to keep notes
  • Measuring cup
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A starter guide 100% NATURAL with two bottles of basic nutrients: Alga Grow 250ml and Alga Bloom 500ml
Frequently asked questions

In combination with our 100% NATURAL substrates or open soil, you can be sure that your cultivation is fully organic. That means your plants have all the benefits of a strong soil life. This helps them to break down nutrients and keeps your plants safe and healthy.

Thanks to the organic nature of the nutrients, they are friendly for soil life. This means you will not need to monitor EC or pH values, which makes growing organically much simpler. Mistakes with these nutrients are practically impossible. Also, organic nutrients need to be pre-digested for the plants by enzymes and soil life. This takes a little while, so you need to keep adding nutrients well to prevent gaps in nutrition.

Plagron Allmix, Batmix, Royalmix and Promix are specifically designed to work with the Alga Grow and Alga Bloom basic nutrients in the Starter guide 100% NATURAL pack. All these product are CU certified for organic growing. If you want to use Alga nutrients in open soil, go right ahead. Alga Grow and Bloom will work perfectly there.