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Starter guide: organic

Starter guide: organic

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✔ 250 ml Alga Grow
✔ 500 ml Alga Bloom
✔ Step-by-step grow guide (32 pages)
✔ Pen to keep notes
✔ Measuring cup

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  • ✔ The best smell and taste

  • ✔ For organic cultivation

  • ✔ Algae-based nutrients

The best organic nutrients in the biz!

Our organic products were voted best organic nutrients by growers in the 2023 GrowDiaries awards! Read more here.

100% NATURAL: easy and organic

Organic nutrients are the simplest way to make a success of your first grow. You don't need to be very hands-on and there's a lot of room for error. The reason for this: soil life. Soil life consists of fungi, yeasts and bacteria and does a number of useful things for your plants.

Firstly, it converts all nutrients for uptake by plants: no soil life, no growth. It also regulates the pH and EC values, so you don't need to worry about measuring anything. Easy!

When you're using organic nutrients, you also get the best smelling and tasting end products. And of course, they're suitable for all organic cultivation.

Frequently asked questions

What are the advantages of organic nutrients?

Growing organic gets your plants all the benefits of a strong soil life. This helps them break down nutrients and keeps them safe and healthy. It also means measuring pH and EC isn't necessary, since the soil life regulates both. That makes growing organic the easiest option!

For a fully organic grow, make sure to combine Alga Grow and Alga Bloom with any of our 100% NATURAL substrates (or open soil).

Can I make mistakes when growing organic?

Organic nutrients are friendly for the soil life. Among other things, the soil life regulates the pH and EC values, meaning there's no need to measure them. This makes it an easy way to grow, where mistakes are practically impossible to make.

One thing to note is that organic nutrients need to be converted for plants by the soil life. This takes about two weeks, so you should give nutrients a bit before your plants actually need them. The Grow Schedule in the Starter guide tells you exactly how much of which product to give each week.

Which substrate should I use with the Starter guide organic?

Plagron Allmix, Batmix, Royalmix and Promix are all specifically designed to work with the Alga Grow and Alga Bloom base nutrients in the Starter guide organic. All these product are CU certified for organic growing. You can also use Alga nutrients in open soil: they'll show the same great effects!