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Starter guide: mineral

Starter guide: mineral

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✔ 250 ml Terra Grow
✔ 500 ml Terra Bloom
✔ Step-by-step grow guide (32 pages)
✔ Pen to keep notes
✔ Measuring cup

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  • ✔ A quick and large yield

  • ✔ Immediate uptake

  • ✔ High-quality mineral nutrients

100% TERRA: fast results

Mineral nutrients do what they promise, and they do it quick. They're man-made, and get straight to the point. If you water now, your plants get nutrients now. And that offers some distinct advantages.

The main one: fast results. And by results we mean that you can expect a larger yield when compared to organic nutrients. Since nutrient uptake is immediate, your plant will grow a bit faster too. It's also easier to quickly adjust the amount of nutrients your plants get.

All these advantages come with a bit more work though. When using mineral nutrients, you need to measure the pH and EC values yourself. This is easy to do, but does require some extra tools and work. Our Starter guide will tell you exactly how it works.

Frequently asked questions

What are the advantages of mineral nutrients?

The main advantage of mineral nutrients is that your plants can use them right away. There’s no delay between watering and uptake by the plant. Feel like your plants could use a little extra nutrients? Water them and you will see results immediately. Terra Grow and Bloom are the ideal nutrients for growers who want to have direct control and get fast results.

Can I make mistakes when growing mineral?

Our 100% TERRA products are a little more hands-on than our 100% NATURAL line. But making a serious mistake is still highly unlikely, especially if you follow along the Grow Schedules in our Starter guide.

What makes Terra nutrients a bit harder to use is that you have to monitor the EC and pH values of your nutrient water. Plant roots function best within a certain pH range, so it pays off to keep your nutrient solution within that range.

Which substrate should I use with the Starter guide mineral?

Our Lightmix and Growmix are specifically designed to work with the Terra Grow and Terra Bloom base nutrients in the Starter guide mineral.

Lightmix is the preferred substrate of many experienced growers and has been pre-fertilised for one week. This means you should start with Terra Grow in the second week. Growmix has been pre-fertilised for three weeks. If you choose this substrate, you only need Terra Bloom.